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Have you ever wanted to turn a digital image into a photo poster?

Have you ever needed to enlarge a picture?

ClickBook allows you to print high quality multi-page photo posters, with any InkJet or LaserJet printer. Take any digital image that you have on your computer and print it as a photo poster. You can create a photo poster of your family and friends, your favorite sports teams or players, animals, nature, or any photo that you have on your computer. Print photo posters of any size that you want.

Here is a sample of photo poster created with ClickBook:

Turn this:

Photo Poster

Into this:

Photo Poster
Download Poster (PDF)

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create Posters

Creating photo posters with ClickBook is easy, all you have to do is print the picture you would like to create a photo poster with to ClickBook. You can then choose from one of our pre-made poster layouts, or use the poster wizard to design the way you want your photo poster to look.

ClickBook allows you to print assembly instructions and numbers the pages for easy assembly of your photo posters. You can even set an 'overlap' for the pages, which comes in handy for assembling and if your printer does not print edge to edge.

(At this time, the poster feature is only available in the Windows version of ClickBook.)

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