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Do you feel a day planner works best for you, but still wish you could be more organized, and have more information at your fingertips?

Here are five steps to help you.

Use the best of your day planner and the computer together.

The day planner has many advantages, but you already know that. A computer is an absolute necessity these days with e-mail for communication, and the web for information. What if you could merge the best of your day planner and your computer?
How much easier will life be?

This is not a new problem because paper based planners and computers both have their strong points. Everything has been tried to bring them together, but they just haven't worked. Sometimes there is just no substitute for having a day planner to take notes, schedule meetings, and keep organized.

How can a day planner be combined with the power that a computer brings for communication, organization, scheduling, and information?
Keep reading if you want to know how to combine the best of both.

Keep your day planner's address book up-to-date.

An up-to-date address book is hard to do with a paper planner. You can buy the template pages with blanks for Name, Address, Phone, etc. and fill them in alphabetically and even leave blanks so you have a place to add new names, but soon you have names that won't fit, so you write them in the margins, or you start over, and copy all the names by hand. What a waste of time! Whether you keep your contacts in Google Contacts, Outlook for Windows, Entourage for Macintosh, or just a word processor, you can print them to fit your planner. It does not matter if you have perfect handwriting, it will be neater when printed.

Keep up-to-date reference material at your fingertips.

It really isn't very practical to hand write price lists, catalogs, part numbers, photos, etc. for instant reference. Whether you're attending a meeting, making a sales call, or just coordinating your busy life, having important reference material instantly available at your fingertips can be invaluable. You could carry the reference material with you in separate books, binders, bags, folders, etc., or you can keep it handy and organized by printing it at just the right size for your planner.

Print the perfect planner pages for YOU!

Most of the major day planner companies such as Filofax, Franklin Covey, Day Runner and others have forms that you can purchase for your planner. These forms include expense report forms, diary pages, weekly pages, monthly pages, values and goal pages, automobile service pages, medical information pages, etc.

How many of these do you really need?

How many will you use?

Some fit the way you work and think, and some don't. Why not just print your own? Print only the ones you need. Lets say you get twenty note pages, but you take notes all day long. How long will those last? You'll save money every time you print custom forms.

Envision having the right answers instantly available in your day planner!

Have you been on a call or in a meeting and you are asked a question, but you don't have the information you need?

Maybe the information is on the computer at the office. Maybe half of your appointments are on a computer somewhere and half are in your paper planner. Maybe the schedule is online, or only available back at home or at the office. That memo you got via e-mail has the answer, but you don't have it with you. What to do?

Now you can take it with you. Whether it is a single page, or ten, just print it out at the exact right size and take it with you. Imagine how much time you'll save and how much smoother life will be when you have the answers right at your fingertips.

The solution is ClickBook

What if there were a way to print anything the exact size that you need?

Would that make it a million times easier to be organized?

Most software solutions expect you to learn a new program. What if you didn't have to learn a new program? What if you could just set your planner size, and then print anything and have it come out perfectly sized for your planner?

The solution is the amazingly simple ClickBook. It isn't a whole new program that you have to learn. It shows up as a printer on your computer. You set the size you want, and when you print you get perfect planner-sized pages. Put them in your planner and take them with you for instant access.

You might be worried that these pages will take up too much space. Don't worry, ClickBook uses both sides of the paper. If you want to combine the best of your planner and your computer, there's every reason to get ClickBook today.

There's no risk because we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Most planner sizes are built-in and you can make your own custom size. All major operating systems are supported. Just specify Macintosh or Windows.

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